Mimcord collaborates with La Teuleria high school in project IES Vora Ter

Proyecto IES Vora Ter

Along with other high schools in the Osona region, La Teuleria secondary school is participating in the so-called “Projecte IES Vora Ter” plan.

The aim of the project is to put into practice a joint activity to study the different aspects related to the Ter river (vegetation, quality of the water, patrimonial elements,…) and which is carried out by the students of the public schools at the Ter river bank. In particular, La Teuleria high school has to study the river section that goes from Can Llanas to the railway bridge in Manlleu.

Bearing this initial idea in mind, La Teuleria school has started studying the Ter river in the spring project called “El riu Ter al nostre poble. Un entorn per descobrir, viure i conèixer” (The river Ter in our town. An environment to discover, live and get to know), and which the participants have been studying between March 23rd and 27th.

One of the tasks that has been developed within the project is the students’ building of 34 bird nest boxes. These have been hung on the trees alongside the previously mentioned river section. In these nests, the birds in our surroundings will find a place to take shelter and prepare their nest. In the future they shall be observed to check which species have actually bred there.

Two of these boxes were placed on the trees in the gardens of the old Can Llanas factory. This property was restored and taken over by Mimcord, as a company which is highly aware of the enviromental issues around us.