We increase our customers’ performance

Value supported by facts

Providing value means going beyond the conventional as well as having a clear idea of what we mean for the market and our customers. 

Value transmission is a fact and tangible evidence as we deliver in:  

Sustainability: We contribute to the protection of our environment through the use of decarbonized, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable threads and cords. In this way, we promote responsible practices in harmony with nature. 

Brand image: We provide other companies with the possibility to align themselves with the lifestyle of their consumers by means of supplying green and respectful products. We provide solutions which endorse an image of environmental commitment and sustainability. 

Adaptability: We stand out for our creative, personalized and highly profitable solutions. Thanks to our ability to listen, we understand every specific necessity and we respond with precision, adapting to the challenges and changes of the market. 

Excellence: As an industry, we perceive that the key to success is found in the reliability, productivity and accuracy in our products applications. We strive daily to achieve excellence in every aspect of our work. 

We turn value into facts.

Valor con hechos

Solid commitment

We are aware that we are an integral part of our customers’ value chain, which forces us to be firmly committed to their present and future projects. 

We see ourselves as our customer’s trustworthy “partner”. 

Our commitment is based on a series of fundamental principles: 

Shared vision: Visions are shared to achieve common goals. 

Transparency: Being transparent becomes our line of conduct, we communicate clearly and openly with our customers, sharing relevant information with them. 

Fulfilment: We are committed to delivering according to the agreed terms. 

Quality standards: We maintain the most demanding quality standards in all our operations. 

Constant improvement: We view consistent progress as an integral part of our way of being. 

Global commitment means supporting our customers unconditionally.

Global expansion

As a projection of our local roots, we have managed to establish ourselves as a relevant player in the international market. By means of our export strategies, we have managed to bring our products to customers in more than 36 countries. 

Thanks to our ability to adapt and understand the needs of different cultures and markets, we have established long-lasting relationships with customers around the world. 

Our global approach challenges us in keeping up high standards of quality, logistics and customer service in all our international operations. 

Looking ahead allows us to stay alert to the development of the market.

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sequestered per year
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