Introduction to the Sustainability of Twisted Paper Handles

In a world where every gesture towards the environment counts, the paper industry positions itself at the forefront of sustainability. Twisted paper handles are no exception; these small but significant parts of our everyday bags represent a major step towards a greener and more responsible future.

Twisted paper handles are much more than a simple support for carrying products; they are emblems of sustainability. Made from renewable cellulose fibers, these handles offer an ecological and practical solution. Their ability to be recycled up to more than 14 times makes them key players in waste reduction, aligning perfectly with practices of responsible consumption and respect for our planet.

Mimcord is committed to sustainable innovation. We understand that twisted paper handles are more than a necessary accessory to facilitate the carrying of shopping loads; they are a statement of principles. By offering renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable twisted paper handles, we are not only fulfilling our mission to care for the environment but also providing our customers with products that reflect their own values of responsibility and environmental awareness. Twisted paper handles: a small part, a big impact.