Mimcord Paper Bag Handles

The Minister, Mr. Ramon Tremosa, could learn first-hand about the upgrade experienced by Mimcord thanks to the application of the 4.0 concept, especially in the improvement of production costs in the manufacture of paper yarns and paper cords.


Control via system Mico 4.0 by Effitronix has derived into an enhancement in the knowledge of paper yarns and cords production costs, in quality control, as well as in machinery maintenance.


This system is applied to all Mimcord manufacturing lines; namely, paper cords for paper bag handles, paper cords for jars and bottles, paper cords for chair seats (lloyd loom), thinner paper yarns for different applications such as candle wicks, agriculture, decorative purposes, or paper yarns intended for weaving carpets or tatami mats and also for technical applications for electric cables or fibre optic cables.

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