We lead Europe’s paper cord and paper yarn manufacturing with multiple applications in high-end technology processes.

Mimcord’s origins date back to year 1952, at the time under the name of founder Sebastián Rovira Tenas, starting the manufacture of cotton yarn and cord amongst other products.

Our first paper cord was produced in 1958 to meet automobile company SEAT’s needs.

Currently, Mimcord is an SME in the paper and yarn industries, specializing in the manufacture and sales of paper cord and paper yarn.

All our products, paper bag handles, decoration cords or weaving yarns are made from cellulose that comes from sustainable and ecological plantations or from recycled paper.

Over the years, new developments have been carried out, offering ever-evolving products to reach a wide range of applications for the paper sector and for other industries as well.


It all started in 1952, when Sebastià Rovira Tenas and Ma. Rosa Vilaró Doménech, decided to face the difficulties of those hard times to settle what would later be a great company that would allow them to support their family and raise their children, who would then take over and be in charge of the various family companies.


Present day Mimcord started its entrepreneurial experience in 1952, back then under the name of founder and owner Sebastián Rovira Tenas.


The first paper cord was produced in 1958 to meet company SEAT's needs.


SEAT substitutes paper with plastic and SRT decides to evolve toward the plastic sector creating company IQAP.


Company Ford produces the first Ford Fiesta model at the Almusafes plant (Valencia) and SRT gets quality certification Q101 for cords and paper and cord combinations for upholstery.


The first cords for chair seats are produced.


Mimcord is established as an entity that specifically produces paper cords and yarns and their applications.


Mimcord moves to new HQ at Ripoll street in Manlleu.


The first cords for bag handles are developed.


Company EUROSEDILE is settled, producing chair seats in Manuel town, Valencia.


Internationalization of paper cords for bag handles.


Premises are expanded to reach current area of 17.000m2 and R+D+I department is created to rigorously develop cords, yarns and their applications.


The first high titre yarns for tapestry and mat weaving are developed.


In collaboration with entity CDTI, products for ecological agriculture are developed.


We remain the leading manufacturer of paper yarn and rope in Europe and the Middle East.

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Strategic Plan: Vision, Mission and Values

We want to be a world reference in paper yarn technologies and its synergies. Our company’s “raison d’être” is providing global needs with solutions in the shape of yarns and cords.